Youth Community Lacrosse for Walnut Creek, Martinez, Concord, Pleasant Hill and Clayton.

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Honor the Game of Lacrosse


The Honor the Game of Lacrosse Award is the highest honor bestowed on a player from the Board of Directors and is awarded to one player from each team each season.  This is no easy task and there are always many Honorable Mentions.


The players nominated may or may not be the best athlete and/or the most skilled lacrosse player but should personify the traditions of the game and display the following characteristics:


Trustworthy - Act at all times with integrity, honesty, loyalty and commitment.

Rules and History - Know and honor its history, its uniqueness and its rules-in letter and in spirit.

Respect lacrosse authorities - Behave respectfully towards coaches, referees and administrators when others do not.

Practice unselfishness - Place the interest of the team above one’s own personal interest.

Controls language and behavior – Refrains from using profanity, obscene gestures and demeaning behavior maintaining the character and the reputation of lacrosse.

Effort - 100% effort in practices and games.

Sportsmanship - On and off the field.

First - Ready to play on time and is first in the huddle

Modest - In victory and gracious in defeat

Leads - By example